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Ready to collaborate with an advocate? I can provide a judgement-free space to explore, identify, and seek your best path in managing bipolar. If we work together, I’ll begin by learning about your journey, struggles, and goals. Then, I’ll check in with you daily; create weekly newsletters just for you; and be available to talk (most) anytime you’d like.

Whether you need a general sounding board, or help making a plan to get from A to B—I’m here to help (and we all need help at times!) I’d be honored to put my experience, perspective, research skills, and creativity to work for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions via the contact form below.

  • 50$
    Every month
    Cancel anytime


  • This is about what’s best for you. 

  • I’m not much of a rules person.

  • We’ll consider our schedules upfront so we can figure out our communication timing (I’m in the Pacific time zone).

  • I am available to chat anytime (within reasonable boundaries).

  • All of our communication is digital and confidential*.

  • No judgement ever.

  • No hard feelings ever. 

  • I am not a doctor (nor do I want to be). My support and advocacy are not a replacement for a prescribing medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or otherwise licensed provider.

  • I check in with you via e-mail every day (or your preferred frequency) to see how you’re doing and continue conversations that we have going.

  • Each week I put together a newsletter for you with information relevant to your situation.

  • No monthly commitment required; cancel anytime. And if for any reason you change your mind about working together after a week or two, I’ll be happy to reimburse you. (See top of list.)

*No phone or in-person contact. Why?

  • Protects both of our personal information and identities.

  • Eliminates some unconscious biases based on voice, background noise, and communication style.

  • Written communication requires an additional level of attention, and gives both of us time and space to thoroughly consider our words.

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