Ready to collaborate with an advocate? I can provide a judgement-free space to explore, identify, and seek your best path in managing bipolar. We all need help at times—and I’d be honored to put my experience, perspective, research skills, and creativity to work for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions via the contact form below.


Ongoing 1:1 support; cancel anytime

If we work together, I’ll begin by learning about your journey, struggles, and goals. Then, I’ll check in with you daily; create weekly newsletters just for you; and be available to talk anytime you’d like. Whether you need a general sounding board, or a plan to get from A to B—I’m here to help.

Let’s chat

Let’s take a week or so to explore a particular bipolar-related issue that is problematic for you. I’ll begin with a few questions, and be available to talk anytime you’d like. At the conclusion, I’ll provide you with a newsletter summary of our work together.


Brooke Baron has a BA in English, a minor in philosophy, and a lifelong obsession with language. Although born and raised in Alabama, she has been a proud California resident for 10+ years. During a professional stint in Silicon Valley—in both the corporate and private business sectors—she handled internal and external communications, office design and construction, event planning, photography and graphic design, executive assistance, and functioning on very little sleep. Brooke now specializes in "New Human Orientation" from her home in the suburbs. She has a young, loving, growing family of five and is fueled by that love and coffee. In addition to caring for the rest of Team Baron, she enjoys writing, reading, researching miscellaneous topics, and funneling manic energy into creative projects. With so many balls in the air—including bipolar II disorder—balancing her life is like balancing two kangaroos on a see-saw. 

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