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After I received my bipolar diagnosis, I spent a lot of time on a hamster wheel of anxiety, dread, confusion, sadness, guilt, paranoia, anger, and isolation (forgive me if I left anyone out!). I spent a lot of time telling myself, As soon as I get this bipolar stuff under control, THEN I’ll get back to my life.

Well, that turned into . . . YEARS.

Stuck in Bipolar Purgatory ::

A diagnosis of bipolar disorder is a tough pill to swallow. From pharmaceutical decisions to disclosure decisions, it can become a crippling time of anxiety, frustration, and upheaval. That feeling of brokenness can be hard to shake, but remembering that there’s a giant spectrum of mental illness—and that you’re in crowded company—can help. There are many great things to embrace about having bipolar.

Welcome to the Family ::

Dear [your name here],

There will be episodes in your life when you won’t have access to your own sound judgment. Unfortunately, you won’t even be aware when these episodes occur.

Oh, and it’s been this way for quite a while—you just didn’t know it.

Forever yours,

Bipolar Disorder    

Welcome to the Family, Part 2 

...You’ve Got Mail ::

There are a handful of movies that aim to demonstrate the experience of having bipolar disorder. To be honest, I have yet to identify strongly with any of those movies or characters. With that said, there are definitely times when, for me, Hollywood hits the nail on the head—just by accident.

My Bipolar Life on the Big Screen ::

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