Free PDF downloads that I hope may help you manage bipolar.


Bipolar status review

A stable or neutral status can give us the confidence we need to step away from tracking our moods regularly, but it’s wise to remain mindful of our patterns and experiences to some degree. Use this form to recap the last few weeks with your bipolar disorder, and stay in touch without adding to your daily regimen. 


Standard operating procedures

Those of us with bipolar disorder benefit from developing coping skills for many different situations and emotional states. Answer the questions on the left side of this form to identify your own emotional norms and healthy response options.


‘Operation: Better Bipolar Balance’ Packet

Use this month-long DIY wellness retreat plan when you need to take a timeout for mental health. 


Questions for Bipolar Allies

Many people who have a friend or loved one with bipolar disorder struggle to understand the experience (that’s ok, it’s impossible!). Here’s how you can help open a productive line of communication — and better understand your role as an ally.


Daily Activity organization chart

Use this simple table to organize your thoughts, tasks, and goals—and stay on top of what needs to happen and when.


Bipolar support references template

We are often told about the importance of having an emergency plan in place, but it can be difficult and intimidating to anticipate our lives unfolding into an emergency.​ Use this template to keep the focus on what’s needed—instead of ruminating over worst-case-scenarios.


Brooke Baron has a BA in English, a minor in philosophy, and a lifelong obsession with language. Although born and raised in Alabama, she has been a proud California resident for 10+ years. During a professional stint in Silicon Valley—in both the corporate and private business sectors—she handled internal and external communications, office design and construction, event planning, photography and graphic design, executive assistance, and functioning on very little sleep. Brooke now specializes in "New Human Orientation" from her home in the suburbs. She has a young, loving, growing family of five and is fueled by that love and coffee. In addition to caring for the rest of Team Baron, she enjoys writing, reading, researching miscellaneous topics, and funneling manic energy into creative projects. With so many balls in the air—including bipolar II disorder—balancing her life is like balancing two kangaroos on a see-saw. 

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